This is a piece of furniture from the 17th century, which is the supreme example of the work of Venetian masters. It was a gift of the Doge of Venice to the Olomouc bishop. Venice was at that time the commercial center of Europe and had extensive contacts with the Orient therefore at the furniture, with the origin of Central European, you will discover a wide range of oriental elements. Even the age of the furniture reflects its uniqueness. It was made from the massive ebony and decorated with inlay, which is similar to marquetry, but from ivory. Ivory was subsequently engraved and filled in by black shellac. All the furniture was finally polished by shellac varnish. It is an amazing work. The set of furniture comes from Kromeriz Castle, where it was and - after restoration by Atelier Fiala - will again be placed in private chambers. Therefore the furniture couldn't be ever seen at the Castle by any tourists. A unique opportunity to see this furniture just after the restoration will be, for those interested, in the Art of House in Horní Počernice where it will be exhibited from March 3 till April 22.



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