Our mission

Almost throughout the operation of our company Atelier Fiala on the market we have been meeting with young talented artists across all art disciplines who had difficulties to bring their name and creation into the subconsciousness of the wider public although they formed excellent artworks. This is the main reason why we decided to establish in the framework of the project House of Art also the foundation.

Already in the preparation of the project House of Art, we were counting on the promotion of contemporary art as an interesting counterpoint to our permanent activity, which is primarily engaged in antiques and generally older dating monuments. However, only the object of the Baroque granary made it possible to fully implement these plans via its disposition and an amazing exhibition hall.

In this beautiful setting we aim to organize exhibitions, both group and individual, as well as educational workshops, lectures by outstanding artists who are willing and happy to share their experience with their younger colleagues but also with the general public. Overall, this is the place on Chvalská tvrz known by organizing multicultural events, so we will use a greater number of art-loving people and offer them interesting works of art school students and emerging talents in our Gallery.

We believe that we will not only help young people break through, but we will be able to closer their view of our world to the public.
We intend to build on many years of experience with the movement of the market in our industry during the PR preparation and overall promotion of the work of our foundation.

Board of Directors

The Endowment Fund is administered by the Board of Directors:

Mgr. Art. Peter Kollár Zuzana Fialová Kateřina Kubátová
Mgr. Art. Peter Kollár - Chairman of the BoD Zuzana Fialová - Member of the BoD Kateřina Kubátová - Member of the BoD
Zuzana Háková
Zuzana Háková - Controller