Thank you for your interest in supporting our Endowment Fund. Donations may be sent to the following bank account held with Raiffeisenbank:

Bank account:    55885555/5500
IBAN:                CZ24 5500 0000 0000 5588 5555
SWIFT:              RZBCCZPP 

The account is transparent, so you can watch your contributions. The account balance information is available here:


Other cooperation opportunities

You can support the foundation by adding the House of Art logo on your website.

Code for the location:

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Nadační fond Dům umění Nadační fond Dům umění Nadační fond Dům umění

The logo can be changed by changing the file name and parameters width and height, there are three variants available - 100x100px, 200x200px a 300x300px. Thank you.